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Mad Et Len

MAD et LEN is an artisan scent brand immersed in the French apothecary traditions. Specialising in intoxicating aromas, handmade with an artisan's touch, MAD et LEN is an inspired creator of Candles, Pot Pourri & Eau de Parfum.

Each MAD et LEN candle is handmade and housed in an iron vessel, forged by the company's resident blacksmith according to ancient French traditions.

Inspired by the sophisticated rawness of the nature that surrounds their workshop in the foothills of the Southern French Alps; the use of fragrances conjures dreams of distant lands, travel, transcending emotions, reimagining intimate and familiar memories.

Each product is beautifully unique, composed of essential, undiluted oils of flowers, woods and spices, and comprised of only natural ingredients.

Discover our MAD et LEN range for the most elegant, distinctive candles and scents to enhance your space with delicious aromatic blends.