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Who is Deko and what can we do for you?!

We are Deko International - After a few years of R&D, travel and exploring some different spaces we came together to bring you Deko. Luxury Candles & Fragrance Australia. 

Who is Deko?

A pair of Australian boutique designers who have a love for Interiors, home decor, styling, design and passion. 

What is our Goal?

Our goal is to provide Australians and those abroad with accessibility to amazing products we believe everyone will love. 

Where do we get them from?

Australia, France, Sweden, Japan, Poland, I could name them all but basically anywhere, everywhere but not everything! We have travelled each corner of the world and handpicked the products we want to sell to you because we believe they fit in our brand and also in your home or space! But not everything, because it doesn't all work for us. 

How do we know they are the best?

After some experience in the space and constant feedback from clients, suppliers and lovers of Candles Australia and around the world we have collated our knowledge and analytics to discover what scents people love, where it takes them and how they make people feel. We want to give them that experience. 

We are renown for bringing you the likes of Tom Dixon, Laduree, Mad et Len, Fazeek, La Savonnerie to name some of the favourites. 

What else we look for?

Quality, stylish, vegan, environmentally friendly products, in style.

Whats next for Deko?

See our most recent Blog to find out what's instore next for Deko. 


We love Scented and Fragrant products, we pick them from any destination. They must be of good quality, be environmentally friendly and look good, feel good, smell good and get all your senses and style flowing. To check out our full range of Candles & Fragrances please head to


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