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What are the best luxury candles?

Candles have been used to light up the dark for thousands of years, and it is a luxury that we seem to take for granted. Luxury candles are great ways to achieve luxury illumination in your home or business. Brands of luxury candles combine pretty packaging with excellent quality waxes with fragrances that leave you feeling like you're in an exclusive spa!

Not only do luxury candles look great, they burn beautifully too! When an ordinary candle has burnt out it is difficult to re-use the container for anything else – but luxury candles are made from quality materials that can be used again and again in new ways after simply changing the wax inside. There will be no end of things you can use old luxury candle containers for; storage in a bathroom cabinet or kitchen cupboard would make perfect sense, as would the idea of using them to store your favourite fragrances of luxury candles so that you don't have to buy new ones quite so often.

The luxury blog Maison La Bougie recently wrote about buying luxury candles online . This is a fantastic piece of content showing luxury candles from luxury brands like Laduree and Tom Dixon. Buying luxury candles online can be a fabulous experience, but it's important to make sure that you only buy luxury candles of the highest quality. To do this you should look at the size of the candle container – large containers usually hold larger wax blocks which in turn burn cleaner for longer. Smaller luxury candle containers are fine if you're planning on burning them quickly!

When buying luxury candles online look out for fabrics with a motif, or labels on each candle that tell you where they were packed and when they were made. The luxury blog Maison La Bougie also discusses this at length; scented luxury candles will reduce in volume as they burn down so you want to make sure that you're buying luxury candles that are made from non-flammable materials. Some brands use metal containers, while others use marble or glass; both of these materials are perfect for candles as they stop the wax sticking to them and smelling unpleasant!

The luxury blog Maison La Bougie also talks about using luxury candles to create ambience in your home – but can luxury candles really work better than a simple table lamp? Well, it's certainly true that candles have some advantages over more conventional ways of lighting up your home. They can be placed on almost any surface, so they would look lovely next to a dressing table mirror or above.

So what are the best luxury Candles ?

We recommend Maison La Bougie, Tom Dixon and Laduree. They are made with an array of luxury ingredients to create long-lasting and beautiful smelling luxury candles, while Tom Dixon luxury candles have a mass of additions including real silk that stops the candle from melting too quickly or burning unevenly. Laduree luxury Candles come in some fantastically pretty packaging – you'll never want to burn them once you've seen them!

Scented Candle

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Why use scented candles in your home?

Scented candles can have a huge impact on your surroundings. By choosing luxury scented candles that fill the room with a unique scent you could even change the mood of an entire house. A study published in the Indoor Air Journal found that candles can have a significant impact on the atmosphere of a home.

If you want luxury scented candles then I would definitely recommend Maison La Bougie, Tom Dixon and Laduree their luxury scented candles are made from all natural waxes, they burn beautifully for hours (sometimes even days!) and they smell great too! If you're looking for luxury scented candles online then you can browse the range here.

Check out website Deko International for more candle inspiration . You won't be disappointed!

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