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Best Candles Australia

Researchers find that aroma from candles can help you sleep and reduce anxiety and stress. A study published in the journal Frontiers in Psychology revealed that it was found that aroma of five different scents such as lavender, peppermint, rosemary, orange and lemon improved mood and reduced feelings of fatigue, compared to a neutral odor from a plain water control. The study is based on the theory that pleasant fragrances could help boost mood, reduce stress and anxiety levels in a similar way to aromatherapy.

Aromas from candles can not only improve your sleeping patterns but also aid relaxation at home and office by simulating good times for you such as beach or forest experience.

Scented Candles

There are hundreds of scents available to choose from. It is best to stick with candle companies such as Deko International that specialise in aroma candles, because they can ensure the quality and safety of their products. Cotton wicks used in these candles are dipped in scented oil and then carefully placed into a wax container.

The Best Scented Candle Brand In Australia

The best scented candles in Australia are the likes of Tom Dixon, Laduree, and Maison La Bougie. Imagine waking up to the fragrant aroma of fresh-brewed coffee every morning, or relaxing with exquisite perfume of roses after a hard day's work? With the best aromatic candles you can do just that, and much more.

The best luxury candles will leave you feeling refreshed and uplifted. The sweet smell of lavender can help soothe nerves and reduce tension while your favourite scent of citrus makes you feel alive with energy. And the scents are endless; if you are looking for a unique smelling candle to suit you, you will find it at Deko International.

Best Scented Candle

So what is the best scented candle? Good question, it really depends on your personal preference. Why not take a look at the aroma options available and find out what's best for you? To make life even easier, we have narrowed down some of our favourite scents with links to products below.

Tom Dixon


Maison La Bougie

If you want a refreshing scent we like a soy candle that uses essential oils of the highest quality . For something more exotic, we'd turn to a Japanese incense with its unique scent of flowers and spices. And if you are really looking for an enjoyable experience, make sure to try one of the best brands such as Maison La Bougie which offers gourmet aromas including vanilla bean or rose.

If you are planning on gifting someone a candle, you might want to consider giving them a set of candles with the same scent. This can be very useful if they have certain moods or occasions that suit particular fragrances. For instance, lavender and rose are perfect for relaxation while jasmine is good during warm summer nights.

On the other hand, if someone you know is a traveller, you might want to give them an exotic fragrance that will keep their minds and memories of past trips alive.

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